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Let Webb Insights Help Your Business Grow In The Highly Intense Food Industry


Many consultants have much to say about selling and sales coaching.  Unfortunately, many sales people undermine their own reputation and success by pushing the sale for their own gain.  The underlying principle that is critical to success in the selling disciplines outlined here is that you approach your role with authenticity and sincerity.  Sales people who truly want to help solve their customers’ problems are the ones who will find value in our coaching sessions.  Below are just a few of the training tools provided by Webb Insights:


  • Know Your Strengths

  • Define Your “Product”

  • Shape Your Attitude

  • Overcoming Call Reluctance

  • Opportunity Pipeline Management

  • Pre-call Preparation


  • Question Development

  • Understanding the “Voice of Customer”

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Knowing Your Competition

  • Generating a Value Proposition

  • Calculating Customer ROI


  • Valuing the Person

  • Understanding Organizational Hierarchies

  • Develop Listening Skills

  • Uncovering the True Need

  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor

  • Negotiating Fairly

Whether you’re looking for team coaching or one-on-one development, Webb Insights will customize a comprehensive training program that will reshape how you view your customers and yourself so that you can both achieve success!

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In all industries, effective business planning requires insightful and comprehensive market research.  The breadth and depth of the food industry drives the need for an intimate knowledge of diverse market segments in order to create a winning value proposition for your product.  Webb Insights utilizes local, national and global market data sources to mine, cull and build in-depth market information.  From small start-ups to multi-national food retail manufacturing, Webb Insights will help you define your objectives and provide the data and research you need to develop a winning Strategic Plan…no matter what your market research query is.  Ask about our existing market research in the following industry segments or request a consult to define your specific market research needs:

  • Baking Industry

  • Beverages

  • Condiments & Dressings

  • Dairy

  • Frozen Foods

  • Functional Foods

  • Food Additives

  • Pet Food

  • Soups & Sauces

Whatever your Food Industry market research question, we can consolidate the data and translate it into actionable information.


Whether large or small, one of the most fundamental needs of all companies is to develop a strategic plan.  The strategy of each company is simply put, the over-arching goal or goals that the organization strives to achieve.  The strategic plan bridges the gap between what a company wants to accomplish, the conditions that will impact their ability to achieve the stated goal, and the actual implementation of plans that will drive success in fulfilling the strategy.  In the development process, several tools can be employed to create a comprehensive plan that will stand the test of time.

  • Quality Function Deployment

  • Voice of Customer

  • Value-Chain Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis Matrix

  • Porter’s Five Forces

  • S.W.O.T. (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis

For both new and existing organizations, the process of conducting this research and then developing a Strategic Plan is challenging.  As trained facilitators, Webb Insights will work with your team to create a strategy that will become your companies’ driving force.