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Developing new food products requires systematic and disciplined research to understand the properties and interactions of each ingredient in the formula.  Because every food product category has vastly different qualities characteristics and technical requirements, it is imperative to understand the science behind the food before embarking on the research and development phase.  Then, through multiple lab trials, a formulation is tested and refined, until ready for scale up, and eventual commercialization.  Throughout this process, other disciplines of food science are applied, such as Food Analysis, Microbiology, Sensory Analysis and Shelf-Life Studies, to name a few.

For new food entrepreneurs, this may seem daunting.  But as a Rutgers Food Science Graduate, with over 25 years of experience in food product formulations, Webb Insights can provide you with one-on-one expertise to vet out and accelerate your product development process.

  • Baked Goods

  • Beverages

  • Condiments

  • Dairy

  • Dry Mixes

  • Jams/Jellies

  • Sauces

  • Syrups/Toppings

If you have a food product concept you would like to develop, contact Webb Insights to talk about your specific formulations and move your product development process forward!


In the world of Food Science, hydrocolloids (aka, gums, polymers, stabilizers, thickeners) provide some of the greatest advantages in food product development.  That said, hydrocolloids require technical expertise and as such are often used incorrectly or are not utilized at all due lack of familiarity.  They are widely used in many formulations to improve textural attributes (ex: thickening; gelling) as well as shelf-life (ex anti-staling; syneresis control, crystal stabilization). Some typical applications are baked goods, beverages, condiments, dairy products, dressings, jams/jellies, pet food, sauces,soups, just to name a few.

With over 20 years of hands on experience in hydrocolloid formulations, Sandy can provide you with one-on-one expertise to accelerate your product development process.  Here’s what you will need to know:

  • Understanding Hydrocolloids (Food Gums)

  • How to Successfully Modify Texture

  • Selecting the Right Hydrocolloids

  • Costing and Sourcing Food Gums

Contact Webb Insights to demystify the world of food gums and help move your product development process forward!


Early stages of food product development usually begin in a lab or test kitchen, with very small batch size to allow for rapid testing and cost effectiveness.  As the development process continues, it is necessary for scale-up trials to be conducting in order to ensure product properties don’t change, as well as to produce product for market and shelf-life testing. Eventually, full scale-up to commercial equipment must happen in order to have a successful product launch.  A successful transition from the bench to commercial production is not a small undertaking.

Start-ups must utilize production facilities that satisfy the necessary requirements of timeliness, cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and sometimes geographical proximity. If the proper manufacturing facilities and/or raw material providers cannot be located in an efficient manner, irreplaceable time and money are lost.

Four Principle Challenges That Start Ups Typically Face:

  • Scaling manufacturing to meet commercial requirements

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance of products

  • Securing adequate funding for product development and manufacturing

  • Protecting intellectual property

Food Manufacturing

The Following Must Be Addressed in the Scale Up Process

Not sure where to turn?  Contact Webb Insights as a resource to meet your scale up needs.

  • Raw material/Ingredient Sourcing

  • Market Testing

  • Shelf Stability Testing

  • Co-packing Facilities

  • Site Selection Feasibility

  • Nutritional Analysis

  • Labeling and Packaging

  • Organizational Design

  • Cost Analysis/ROI


One of the greatest loves for Webb Insights is to educate others, providing resources and guidance so that they can excel in their jobs and goals, and empowering them to pursue their dreams.  As an experienced trainer and true extrovert, Sandy delivers targeted presentations and curriculum in a relaxed, easy to understand format.

Looking for a Keynote Speaker or Trainer, see the list below of just some topics that the owner of Webb Insights, Sandy Webb, would love present on:

  • Food Science Simplied

  • Careers in Food Science

  • Working in Foodservice

  • Women in Science

  • Empowering Women in Business

  • Entrepreneurship

  • The Importance of Food Safety

  • Community Call to Action

Education Curriculum

For any of the above or different topics, contact Webb Insights to discuss a customized, targeted presentation or curriculum to meet your needs.

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