Find Out A Little About Webb Insights and Our Business Philosophy


Sandy Webb, Founder of Webb Insights, is a Food Industry Specialist with a degree in Food Science from Rutgers University and an MBA from the University of Delaware, with a focus in marketing.  Having worked in corporate America for 25 years before opening her own restaurant and consulting firm, she has over 30 years of intimate experience and knowledge in the food industry.

Sandy has held positions in ingredient research, product development, manufacturing quality control, business development, strategic market research, sales/management and operations.  She has been an instrumental advisor on corporate teams to address critical issues such as scale up and commercialization projects, IT software solutions and implementation, patent development and application, just to name a few.   Sandy has also consulted as a corporate Sales and Customer Service Trainer, Team-Builder and Strategic Planner.

As the owner of 2 Quick Casual franchise restaurants, Sandy has an in depth understanding of how to run an efficient and highly profitable operation by utilizing systems and team engagement.  She is a certified ServSafe® Instructor and Proctor as well.

Besides her professional experience, Sandy has a unique set of traits that have led to her success in many different roles.  She is very strategic, analytical and resourceful which aids in her critical thinking and problem solving skills.  At the same time, Sandy is able to tap into her perceptiveness, intuition and creativity.  Add tenacity, and the outcome is practical solutions to whatever industry challenges she undertakes.

In both a professional and personal capacity, Sandy embraces mentoring others, and finds that watching others grow and thrive to be very rewarding.  With a love for sharing a positive message, she accepts every opportunity to speak at local schools and colleges about careers in food science, small business ownership and restaurant/food service operations.  Sandy has a particular soft spot for helping girls and women to feel empowered in their own life choices.